Individual Membership

Individuals working in the safety and security industry or having an interest in safety and security

Typical job roles include:
Counterterrorist and security professionals, Cyber Security Specialists, Individuals working in services other than commercial security protecting: Police, Armed Forces, Disaster and Emergency Services and supporting organisations, Managers and staff and others in position with security related responsibilities, academics, lecturers and students of security industry disciplines etc.

Individual Membership (per annum)

Membership Type

Individual Member (Licensed)                   1st year $250                                                                                                       Renewal $120/year

Student/Apprentice Member                     1st year $ 105                                                                                                      Renewal $ 95/year

Company Membership

All Counterterrorism and Security organisation interested in world-class services in safety and security.

Membership Certificate states category of membership, type of inspection and details of services reviewed.

It is also open to training institutions, consultants companies and associated organization.

Logo: Use of Member Company or Inspected Company logo allowed as appropriate.

Corporate Members (per annum)

Membership Type

Corporate Member (turnover up to $250,000 p.a.)     1st    $1000                                                                                           Renewal  $1000/Yearly

Corporate Member (turnover >$250,000 p.a.)             1st    $2000                                                                                         Renewal  $2000/Yearly

Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits available to our members:

  • Membership of a well established leading Trade Body
  • Preferential access to Training Courses
  • Access to other professional and vocational qualifications
  • Various Publications obtainable at discounted prices
  • Regular e-mail updates
  • Personal Membership Card bearing the Association Logo
  • Membership subscription is deductible against Income Tax in USA