About Us

The Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (ACTSP) is a registered training and membership body for individuals and industries working in intelligence, safety and security and related roles.

The Association was established to ensure professionalism in the management of counterterrorism and security operations. ACTSP as a duly registered organisation in State of Delaware in United State of America is a recognised worldwide professional organisation. The Association operates within the framework of its registered mandate and cut across many overseas countries.

It is important to state that ACTSP has no trade union or political connections or aspirations. ACTSP is an autonomous body controlled and paid for by its members. Membership is available to:

Persons working in the safety and security industries, safety and security organisations, consultants both private and individuals, master trainers in the safety and security professionals amongst others.


  1. To promote and encourage the science and professional practice of countering terrorism and security challenges operations and expedients connected therewith.
  2. To promote the learning society and to develop the full potentials of each individual by aiming for an inclusive and comprehensive training in Counterterrorism and Security management .
  3. To promote an international and multi-cultural perspective to counterterrorism through a curriculum with a global dimension.
  4. To assist in the development and evaluation of counterterrorism policies in accordance with these objectives and to enlist the support of other International Non-Governmental Organizations and other Organizations, Trade Unions and Co-operative movements accordingly.
  5. To enable all persons interested in counterterrorism and security to assist in building a safe and secure society.
  6. To encourage support for continuing education and training among members and professional associations.